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Keeping it Simple and Sassy

Sorry for being AWOL, I have been completely inundated with uni and school work and have totally neglected my blog...I now know first hand the definition of January blues! As it is half term and no longer January I want to start afresh and make time for the things I enjoy doing like shopping, socializing,… Continue reading Keeping it Simple and Sassy


My Ride or Die Skincare Products

One thing I have always been obsessed with since starting secondary school, is skincare products. As my mum is a doctor, she has always promoted healthy habits and one of those was always looking after your skin. My mum doesn't actually wear makeup but she will always wear products, such as moisturiser, that keep her… Continue reading My Ride or Die Skincare Products


My Top 7 Christmas Present Picks

So with us being a whole week into the new year already, I thought it was a good time to unpack all the presents cluttered in the corner of my room and it got me thinking about Christmas 2017 and all the lovely jubbly gifts I received. My Christmas was pretty interesting this year, ngl.… Continue reading My Top 7 Christmas Present Picks


New Year Resolution: Start blog (✓)

Does anyone else get seriously anxious about using public transport to go somewhere they've not been to before? Well that's me massively and the lack of sleep last night proves it. So where was I going on the third day of the new year that I hadn't been to before you ask? My new placement.… Continue reading New Year Resolution: Start blog (✓)