Holiday Essentials for 2018

So I'm just going to skip the whole fact I've been MIA again (I'm sorry, forgive me! *insert puppy dog eyes*) and get right into the post for today. So I'm off on holiday with my boyfriend next week for a 10 day, all inclusive break in Turkey and I can not explain how excited I… Continue reading Holiday Essentials for 2018

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Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation First Impressions

This is just a quick post to say that I can confirm that the buzz around the Makeup Revolution foundation stick and concealers are well-founded. So I have had the Conceal and Define concealer for a couple of months now. My boyfriend bought me my first one when he read my Primark Makeup Haul post… Continue reading Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation First Impressions

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Jumpers and Jumpsuits

Spring is finally showing signs of making it's way to the UK, excitingggg...just need the daffodils to blossom and it's a go go. I am so happy that it is getting sunnier even if it still is bloody freezing out. Between Winter and Spring I sometimes find it difficult to dress appropriately for the weather… Continue reading Jumpers and Jumpsuits