Holiday Essentials for 2018

So I'm just going to skip the whole fact I've been MIA again (I'm sorry, forgive me! *insert puppy dog eyes*) and get right into the post for today. So I'm off on holiday with my boyfriend next week for a 10 day, all inclusive break in Turkey and I can not explain how excited I… Continue reading Holiday Essentials for 2018

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March Favourites 2018

Doing my March favourites a good week into April - I need to pick up the pace of my blogging I think! I didn't really make many beauty purchases in March. Of course I repurchased my staple bits, but I didn't try anything new really. Saying that however, I did buy the b e a… Continue reading March Favourites 2018

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Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation First Impressions

This is just a quick post to say that I can confirm that the buzz around the Makeup Revolution foundation stick and concealers are well-founded. So I have had the Conceal and Define concealer for a couple of months now. My boyfriend bought me my first one when he read my Primark Makeup Haul post… Continue reading Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation First Impressions

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5 Channels On Youtube With The Best Makeup Tutorials

Happy Easter everyone! With it being the bank holiday weekend, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Youtubers who consistently create bomb content and stunning make up looks. If you want some inspo for your glow up tonight (or just some company while you stuff your face with chocolate goodies), then… Continue reading 5 Channels On Youtube With The Best Makeup Tutorials

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Glossy & Glowy Valentine’s Day to Night Look

Happy Valentine's day everybody! I hope you have an amazing day with your dates or your mates 💕 Quick shout-out to the boy who keeps me sane but makes me equally as mad, who dries my hair when I'm too tired and lazy, who goes on chocolate runs with me in the middle of the night… Continue reading Glossy & Glowy Valentine’s Day to Night Look

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Primark Makeup Haul

Yesterday I went to Superdrug with my mum with the hope that I would finally find my shade of the super popular Revolution concealer (the unbelievably affordable dupe of the Shape Tape contour concealer). However I was unsuccessful once again (damn YouTube videos!). I ended up buying the new Simple 'Perfecting BB beauty balm' in… Continue reading Primark Makeup Haul

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Jumpers and Jumpsuits

Spring is finally showing signs of making it's way to the UK, excitingggg...just need the daffodils to blossom and it's a go go. I am so happy that it is getting sunnier even if it still is bloody freezing out. Between Winter and Spring I sometimes find it difficult to dress appropriately for the weather… Continue reading Jumpers and Jumpsuits

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Keeping it Simple and Sassy

Sorry for being AWOL, I have been completely inundated with uni and school work and have totally neglected my blog...I now know first hand the definition of January blues! As it is half term and no longer January I want to start afresh and make time for the things I enjoy doing like shopping, socializing,… Continue reading Keeping it Simple and Sassy


My Ride or Die Skincare Products

One thing I have always been obsessed with since starting secondary school, is skincare products. As my mum is a doctor, she has always promoted healthy habits and one of those was always looking after your skin. My mum doesn't actually wear makeup but she will always wear products, such as moisturiser, that keep her… Continue reading My Ride or Die Skincare Products