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March Favourites 2018

Doing my March favourites a good week into April – I need to pick up the pace of my blogging I think!

I didn’t really make many beauty purchases in March. Of course I repurchased my staple bits, but I didn’t try anything new really. Saying that however, I did buy the b e a u t i f u l Nudes range by Primark and oh my goodness. I’ll just go ahead and say what everyone is thinking, Primark has really upped their game!

I controlled myself and didn’t buy everything, it was hard but I managed it. I didn’t get any of the KKW inspired contour and highlight sticks or brushes just because there were too many mixed reviews around them, so instead I stuck to the most popular products; the nude eye shadow palettes, the body shimmer and the lip collection.

I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of the shadows to start as my most recent and first ever eye shadow purchase in Primark was the Urban palette, which if you read my Primark Haul post, was a bit of a disappointment. The colours weren’t overly pigmented and quite difficult to blend out. These Nude collection palettes however, absolutely gorgeous. The Matte Eye Shadow palette shades were so pretty and blended together like a dream. Some of them weren’t as pigmented as others but they definitely did the job. I also love a matte palette, I don’t know about you but shadows that have just a slight bit of shimmer annoy me a bit, it’s like are you pretending to be matte and a shimmer shade? What is happening?

The bigger PS Nudes collection palette contains an amazing 28 shades for just £8, yesss! The shades range from buttery creams, with a handful of taupes and cool lilacs, to deep browns and greys to add that smoky element. It’s a huge variety of matte, shimmer and foil and satin finish shadows in one palette allowing room to create a lot of lush looks. My favourite tutorial with this palette is Holly Boon’s, pictured below. So pretty.


The matte and gloss lip collection was also a winner. I loved the formula, it feels so good on the lips; not overly drying for the mattes or sticky for the glosses. The super shimmery gloss was interesting but I’m actually very excited to properly give it a try. I definitely want to go back and buy some more Primark lip products. I also picked up two lip liners separate from the collection, Dessert Sand and Cupcake, so I could line my lips beforehand and they’re also really good quality. Personally, they remind me of KIKO liners but for half the price.

30226373_10204412751674455_2037590102208675840_o (1)

Now for the main attraction! The Nudes Body Shimmer is something else! Honestly I am obsessed, I have not used another highlighter since. First of all the packaging is super cute and it’s only £4. Then you get inside and all I can say is that shimmer and that glow. 😍 Everyone needs to try it and buy it.

Here is a simple glowy day look I created with the PS Nudes collection. I am wearing the smaller PS Matte Eye Shadow palette on the eyes, with the darker nude matte and peachy gloss on the lips. And of course, I’ve covered myself in the body shimmer. Love!


Hope you enjoyed this little Sunday read. I’ve done a note to self to buy and try more products in April; as it is my birthday month (4 days away to be exact), I’m sure I can splurge a bit more.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday evening x

6 thoughts on “March Favourites 2018

  1. Your highlight is perfection! How do you get it to look so well? I feel like whenever I put on highlight, it either doesn’t show up or it looks like I’m obviously wearing highlight and then it seems way too shimmery. Helps!! LOL


      1. I have a few in my makeup bag. I’ve got a Cargo Stick one which seems to show up nicely on my skin and I have Pur Cosmetics palette that is GORGEOUS but shiny shiny shiny


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