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Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation First Impressions

This is just a quick post to say that I can confirm that the buzz around the Makeup Revolution foundation stick and concealers are well-founded.

So I have had the Conceal and Define concealer for a couple of months now. My boyfriend bought me my first one when he read my Primark Makeup Haul post where I was struggling to find one in Superdrug stores near me (cutie right!). He bought it in the shade C7 which was a bit too close to my skin tone so recently I went and bought another in C5. I also have one for contouring in C14, literally the only one left in the shops at the time they came out. I could do with a lighter shade as I have to be really light handed when applying or I look like I have dirt on my face, not ideal.

These concealers come in a range of shades, 18 to be exact, and are super creamy, blendable and lightweight. Baring in mind they are very full coverage, there is absolutely no feeling of cake on my face. My only issue with them, which is definitely a personal problem, is the product tends to cling on to my psoriasis which makes areas of my under eyes look quite flaky. I am yet to find a solution for this, so any product suggestions to avoid this problem would be greatly appreciated.

But obviously the product you are probably more interested in reading about is Makeup Revolution’s most recent release which got youtubers, bloggers, mua and everyone alike going cocoloco. Their Fast Base Foundation Sticks for an astonishing five pounds!

I bought mine in the shade F7 which was a lucky find as they only had one in store! So I’m not going to lie to you, the first time I tried it I really was not a massive fan. I felt like the product made my skin look dry and flakey and wasn’t blending that well. But then again I was doing the blending with a dry beauty blender and hadn’t primed my skin, stupid I know.

So the next morning I gave it another go and it was a dream. After moisturising and priming with my favourite Benefit products, I applied the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Rose Gold to the high points of my face, rubbing it in with my fingers. Next, I applied the foundation in lines over my skin and blending it in with a damp beauty blender to leave a dewy finish. I then applied the concealer in C5 under my eyes, on my lids as a primer, on the bridge of my nose and a bit on my chin and forehead. Afterwards I applied the darker shade in a backwards 3 on my cheekbones, forehead and jaw. They all blended perfectly together and left my skin looking fresh and flawless. I baked my under eyes with Collection’s Sheer Loose powder and lightly applied my MAC Mineralize SkinFinish all over my face and gave a couple of spritz of my MAC Prep & Prime Fix + setting spray to finish.

Here is a pic of my finished look. All the products I used on my lips, eyes and for highlighter are from the Primark Nudes collection. And the lashes and eyebrow pencil I used for my brows were also products I bought in my Primark Makeup Haul.


One thing I will say though, is that although there is a fair amount of product in the foundation stick, I feel like it could run out fairly quickly as cream foundation does not go the same distance as liquid foundation. But then again it’s only £5 and really reminds me of the Benefit Play Sticks but with less of a matte finish and a fifth of the price!

All in all, I would 100% recommend visiting your nearest Superdrug and purchasing one of the foundation sticks, I mean for a fiver there is no excuse really. Also Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 on all beauty products at the moment, plus an extra 10% for us students out there soooo basically call me 😉.

Happy shopping  x

4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation First Impressions

  1. I had the same experience! First time I used it was I like meh, then after exfoliating and moisturising it looked so much better. Also, your bf is so cute!


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