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5 Channels On Youtube With The Best Makeup Tutorials

Happy Easter everyone!

With it being the bank holiday weekend, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Youtubers who consistently create bomb content and stunning make up looks. If you want some inspo for your glow up tonight (or just some company while you stuff your face with chocolate goodies), then check them out.

First up is Alissa Ashley. I only recently discovered Alissa’s videos, by that I mean the past couple of weeks, but I am in LOVE. I am a Youtuber’s worst nightmare as I am just too lazy to click the subscribe button even after constant reminders, but after watching Alissa’s video ‘Hooded Eye’s Do’s and Don’ts’ I was in awe and pressed that big red button.

Why all the love? First of all her make up is just stunning and always flawless; she really gives me a lot of inspiration with the looks she creates and it motivates me to push the boat out with my own eye looks. I also find her advice to be genuinely helpful as her explanations are clear and easy to understand and you can tell she knows her stuff. More importantly, however,  I think that she comes across really sweet and down to earth. Her how to’s are my favourite but she does fab product reviews and quick and easy glam looks.

I have followed Carli since I was about 18, back when Youtube wasn’t such a big thing and was not as saturated with MUA’s and bloggers. One of the first makeup videos I ever watched was actually Carli’s ‘Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial’ video.

I loved her cute messages at the start of her videos and how stunningly beautiful and genuine she was. I basically wanted to be her (I mean can you blame me?). She does a variety of get ready with me videos, makeup tutorials, vlogs, you name it. Also her cats are something else, they are just so bloody cute and hilarious. Carli is my go to for simple and pretty looks, she does classic glam better than anyone else.

I mean who doesn’t know and love Holly Boon? She is so freaking cooool and slays everyday. I have not actually been following her for too long but I think she is basically a UK version of the girl next door, but with bells on. I find her videos so funny and what she chats about, so relatable.

My all time favourite videos are her high end versus low end videos such as her ‘Estee Lauder Vs Primark’ video.  She does drugstore beauty hauls regularly for brands like Revolution or Primark and tests them out for us before we need to spend coin on them. Holly made me realise that high end is not the be-all end-all and that you can look equally as stunning using inexpensive products.

I feel like Jeffree Star is a bit of marmite; you either love him, hate him or love to hate him. I personally love him. He keeps me up to date with all the drama in the beauty world, lets me live the rich and famous lifestyle through him and gives me loads of vacay inspo.

His most famous videos are the review videos where he brutally and honestly reviews weird and wonderful products, letting us know which products are Jeffree Star approved.  I am especially a fan of him reviewing collab and celebrity products as you get all the tea without spending a penny. One thing I can tell you for sure, watching his videos will teach you how not to give a f*** what people think about you. .

Last but not least, Alva Velasco. I actually found her through Instagram. I loved her make up looks, mini Instagram tutorials and was hooked on her get ready with me Instagram live videos. When she finally decided to listen to her followers and create content on Youtube, I was so happy.

She has the cutest personality, her make up is beaut and she is so pretty. If you love a pop of colour she is definitely the person for you. She also has great fitness videos where she shares advice and her own personal experience on losing weight.


I know I have been Miss M.I.A again with all the work I have had on, but I should be a lot more consistent with my posts for the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this little number. TTFN x

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