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Primark Makeup Haul

Yesterday I went to Superdrug with my mum with the hope that I would finally find my shade of the super popular Revolution concealer (the unbelievably affordable dupe of the Shape Tape contour concealer). However I was unsuccessful once again (damn YouTube videos!). I ended up buying the new Simple ‘Perfecting BB beauty balm’ in Honey and some face masks as well as restocking on my Simple revitalising eye roll-on . However for some reason that wasn’t enough for me as I felt like I needed more retail therapy so I hit Primark.

I ended up spending around £30 on Primark makeup, I probably didn’t need half the products that I bought but if you love make up then you will know the feeling that comes over you which makes you feel like you need it all!

Here is the product list with prices :

– Urban eyeshadow palette (£4)

– Blusher in Secrecy (£2)

– GWA false lashes in Glamour and Natural (£3 each)

–  SOSU Lashes in Dubai (£5)

–  Perfect Shine Lipgloss’ (£0.50 each on sale)

–  Matte liquid lipstick (£1 on sale)

–  Crushed metalic liquid lipstick (£1 on sale)

– Makeup brushes (concealer brush £1, blending paddle brushes £2 on sale)

– Silicone sponges (£0.50 on sale)

– Eyebrow pencil in Tabacco (£2)

– Flash photo powder (£2.50)

– My Perfect Powder mattifying  powder in Beige (£2)

– A teeny metallic pink sharpener (£1)


I was impressed with my most of purchases but unfortunately I was disappointed with the URBAN eyeshadow palette. I used it today for a day out with my mum and although the colours are quite pigmented, they did not blend together as well as I would have hoped. I used the orange, brown and burgundy as well as the shimmery white and the final look just did not look how I wanted it to, the shades were muddying and I could not completely blend out harsh lines. However, I am going to give the palette another go and try mixing different colours to see if this helps with the blending.


My favourite products from this haul are definitely the SOSU lashes and lipgloss’. The lashes feel really luxurious and I really do think they look similar to high end lashes but at a fraction of the price and if you are careful when removing the dried glue after using them, I think they can be reused a number of times. The lipgloss’ are sooooo pretty, extremely pigmented and were on sale from £2.50 to 50p! 50p?!

Genuinely, I can not deal with Primark sometimes, the prices honestly feel like I am stealing! I really recommend going to your nearest Primark and checking out their beauty section and seeing what bargains you can find but if you can, do try out or swatch the products.

Happy shopping x



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