My Ride or Die Skincare Products

One thing I have always been obsessed with since starting secondary school, is skincare products. As my mum is a doctor, she has always promoted healthy habits and one of those was always looking after your skin. My mum doesn’t actually wear makeup but she will always wear products, such as moisturiser, that keep her skin youthful, fresh and hydrated and I followed lead.

Out of the five skin types; normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive, I would definitely say my skin is dry and unfortunately sensitive at times as I have Psoriasis, not that it bothers me massively as Kimmie K has it too. However, since I was younger, I have always received compliments regarding my skin especially during that teen period when many people around me were breaking out. So saying that, I thought I would share the products I have used for years which I believe keep my skin clear and hydrated.



I think moisturiser is the most important beauty product, period. Whether or not I am going out, staying in, putting on makeup, going to the beach…I will always apply my moisturiser. I think it is key to keeping your skin hydrated and in prime condition. My favourites are Clarins’ Daily Energizer, Benefit’s Total Moisture and my go to favourite and affordable Simple’s Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Day Cream Factor 15.

I always try to buy a moisturiser that has spf, but if I am not wearing one, then I will for sure be wearing a foundation with spf 15. Protecting your skin, particularly your face, against the sun really is important guys. I love the smell of all 3 moisturisers, especially Clarins as it smells really fresh and clean.

I always apply my moisturiser all over by pressing it into my skin, not rubbing. I feel like rubbing uses more product than needs be and if you prefer branded or more pricey moisturiser it really does waste product. Personally rubbing moisturiser into my skin also leaves it feeling almost wet/tacky and for those with oily skin I would definitely not recommend applying it this way.

Eye creams & serums

I began using eye creams maybe five or six years ago near the end of my time at 6th Form. I hate having bags and I am quite a worrier when it comes to getting wrinkles, so after watching a YouTube video where someone recommended applying eye cream from the start of adulthood I went on the hunt for one which was hydrating and appropriate for my age. As Simple products are my mums favourite, she buys literally all Simple products as they contain ingredients which are kind and gentle to the skin, my mum bought me the Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On and later the Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye balm. The products honestly are amazing! Applying them makes me feel so much more awake and it really makes a difference with bags. Even on hangover days, when I apply this, I feel like I look 100% better and less zombie like. I even convinced my boyfriend to let me put it on him and now he loves it and even asked me to apply the creams on him for his graduation.

Normally I apply the balm first by dabbing it under my eyes and on the lids then I roll on the revitalising eye serum in a circular motion. A little bit goes a long way with these products and like my moisturiser I will always apply it regardless of what I am doing that day.

Face Wash

I am for sure a face wash gal, I am not a massive fan of face wipes (unless I am absolutely smashed after a night out and I can’t drag myself to the bathroom) or other make up removing products like creams and cleansers. I do not like the way they make my skin look or feel. Simple face wash works best for me, it is super fast, easy on the skin and removes all makeup including waterproof mascara. I have tried different face washes; exfoliating, cleansing foam, cleansing milk etc., but Simple Moisturising Face Wash is my all time favourite. Sometimes I do use their Refreshing Face Wash but I find it is less effective at removing all makeup in one wash.

So there you have my ride or die all time favourite skin care products! I would definitely give them a try if you have not already and let me know what you think.

Just a reminder, sleeping and drinking lots of water is above all the most effective way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy!

Enjoy your Sunday x


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