My Top 7 Christmas Present Picks

So with us being a whole week into the new year already, I thought it was a good time to unpack all the presents cluttered in the corner of my room and it got me thinking about Christmas 2017 and all the lovely jubbly gifts I received.

My Christmas was pretty interesting this year, ngl. In terms of a festive and cheerful atmosphere, things did not go to plan. I had multiple war of words with the fam which I would say happens with the majority of families in the holiday period, but nevertheless is quite annoying. But, at least all the negative energy got a chance to rear its ugly head then do one just in time for 2018.

One of my favourite moments…to take this down soppy lane…was my boyfriend driving all the way to Bournemouth from Cardiff (3 hours without traffic if you are wondering) to hang out with my family and play Speak Out, this years most featured board game on Instagram and Snapchat stories, and then drive us back to still squeeze in a Xmas with his family. The scariest drive* I have ever been on was totally worth it!

*Seriously though, never take A-roads that you are not familiar with in the evenings especially with heavy rain, I nearly cried!

In terms of gifts, I am pretty sure I smashed being Santa’s little helper and vice versa with Santa putting in an equal effort and really spoiling me rotten. I was really surprised with so many gifts this year, especially from my parents, who normally rope me into wrapping my own gifts (not even joking, my mum will probably die reading this). I genuinely loved every single one but since the title probably brought you here, I will go ahead and tell you the gifts that I received which made it on to ‘My fave presents list’.

So in no particular order, here are 2017’s best Xmas presents:

Fur coat | Topshop


My parents bought me this and I absolutely adore it! I feel so swanky in it and it is surprisingly warm and comfortable. I don’t think it is on sale anymore but I would definitely recommend buying one if you don’t have one already, it is 100% a statement piece.

Earrings | Swarovski


So I basically begged my boyfriend to buy these and he did! I literally love them! They are simple but absolutely perfect, they just go with everything and sparkly earrings really make people’s eyes twinkle…no cheese, just fact.

Scarf | River Island


So this is the super pretty scarf I mentioned on my New Year Resolution blog post. I never leave my house without wearing a scarf during winter and my go to scarf was my blanket scarf from Spain but it was getting very scruffy so my boyfriend’s mum bought me this beauty.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume gift set | Debenhams


      marc jacobs

My parents buy me this each year because it is my utter favourite perfume ever. It just smells incredible, with no hint of alcohol/chemical smell or the grandma scent. The other Marc Jacob’s perfumes are fab too but the original will always be my favourite.

Harry Potter World tickets/Trip to London | WarnerBros website


This was a huge surprise from my boyfriend! The note he wrote with it was bloody hilarious! Sooooo, basically, I have already been to Harry Potter World with my ex but it was very rushed and my cutie knew how much I loved it so to quote him he ‘wanted to take me again to replace the memories I had with the dementor with more fun memories with him’, he also ended it with ‘wingardiumloveyoulotsa’! Adorbs! I can’t wait to go and he has booked us a hotel too so we can visit London and do the tourist bit.

Handbag | Mia K Farrow

        mkf bag

This was one of many many gifts from my boyfriends madre. It’s perfect for work as it fits in all my school books and even my laptop and it looks smart and stylish. Perfection!

Cinema Lights Box | Primark


My best friend bought me this because she knows I love cute home bits and keeping up with trends. It’s so sweet and goes great with my cream theme room and brill for taking cute insta snaps.

I hope everyone else got some cute gifts and if not, at least had a relaxing break to enjoy time with family and friends.

Bonne nuit x

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