The future is bright

How do people meet celebrities?

How do they have enough time and money to constantly buy nice clothes and go on instagramable holidays?

That is usually what I am thinking about when I am sat in the office. Inspiring, I know!

Today I met a girl who is planning a trip to South America – she’s planning on visiting eleven different countries in four months. Wow. She has also recently taken up Salsa, has a super hipster/indie fashion sense (what is the difference between Hipster and Indie, I just don’t know) and she recently went on tour with James Arthur as his wardrobe assistant… she did get in trouble for going on nights out with him and the band. Apparently, tour very much is the cliché; sex, drugs and rock and roll. Did not ask what she meant by that.

I was just sat in the office in awe, thinking, guuuurrllll you are only eighteen and you are 100% grabbing life by the balls. But it has made me think, a thought I thought I would share with everyone*, life really is what you make of it. If you are working 9-5, 8-3, 9-9 or never, don’t just live for the weekends. See friends. Go for a walk. Watch the sun set. Enjoy every moment that you have.

That’s the end to my inspiring advice. So hopefully, now, everyone can follow lead of the cute hipster girl and go live a spicy life.

Make sure to come back and visit regularly though.


*a little tongue twister to spice up your life


Bon week-end x

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