New Year Resolution: Start blog (✓)

Does anyone else get seriously anxious about using public transport to go somewhere they’ve not been to before? Well that’s me massively and the lack of sleep last night proves it.

So where was I going on the third day of the new year that I hadn’t been to before you ask? My new placement. I’m a trainee teacher and I was starting my second placement at my new school. The great thing about the school is that it’s a ten minute drive away. The bloody annoying thing, is that I don’t have a car. So basically a ten minute journey turns into an hour long journey when you have to walk and use public transport. But tbh, now that I’ve got the first trip over and done with, I’ve realised it’s really not that bad. I mean I had to deal with bloody typhoon weather and not finding the bus stop (shockingly there is more than one bus stop in central Bristol), then somehow managed to catch the same bus as about 100 of soon to be my students. But luckily today, I was just some random lady with a massive puffy jacket and super pretty scarf and yet to be their hilariously cringey Spanish teacher.

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty boring in comparison, inductions and trainings and awkward small talk, nothing worth writing home about, but as a whole everyone seemed really sweet and the children actually looked like they enjoyed being there. Win.

Right, now I’ve got that out of my system I’ll do a little intro about me and what I hopefully want this blog to be about.

Like I said before, I’m a trainee teacher currently living in Bristol with a girl I met off SpareRooms (worth a browse if you’re looking for a random flatmate you might one day, hopefully grow to actually like) and before that I was studying French and Spanish at Swansea Uni. I’m 23, planning on moving in with my boyfriend in the foreseeable future, and always trying to get back to my 18 year old happier, slim and fit self. I’m definitely not saying being slimmer will make me happier but I know I’ll be more comfortable in my own skin hence back to being the happiest version of myself. That’s the plan, but I have been saying that since second year of uni when I was 20, so I don’t know what the chances of 2018 finally being the year I get sexy…but I’m definitely going to try.

My new years resolutions are: start a blog (check), stop biting my nails, get sexy, stop over thinking.

My theory is, if I do all these things, I’ll basically be the dogs bollocks and I’ll finally become Instagram famous and have my own talk show.

My plans for getting sexy (slimming down the chub) are: start hula hooping, go on weekly runs with the boyf, do home workouts (Charlotte Crosby’s Belly Blitz probs) and cut out sugar. I’ve made a start with the former and bought myself a weighted hula hoop off Amazon, which is yet to arrive might I add even though I have Amazon Prime and asked for one day delivery. Tut tut. Don’t think Amazon understand they’re cutting into the limited days in 2018 to get skinny. With regards to running, our first run is due Sunday and I’ve been told I have to report back to my boyfriend with any bad things I eat and he will add half a mile to our run. Don’t think I’ll be sharing that I’ve eaten half a jar of Nutella, two packets of popcorn and a couple of crappy mini fudge bites.

On a serious level though, I really am planning on making 2018 my year and I’d love for you to all witness my success…or downfall lol. But either way, people always say keeping yourself accountable is one of the best ways to lose weight and I don’t think I’m ready to post half naked photos of my stretch marked bod on Insta just yet so this is the next best thing.

I’ll probs also share cute pics of me, my mahussive bear and things I get up to during the week, to mix things up you know.

Soooo I hope you’re ready for the ride of a lifetime.

N.B. Photo credit @creepyboyfriend


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